It's Our 2 Year Anniversary

Welp, CrossFit Incognito has been in existence, in one form or another, for two years now.  I am feeling several things all at once and I hope it doesn’t distort what I am about to say.  This journey has been long and difficult…but so much more rewarding than I could have imagined.  I started this little venture in the hopes that someone would want to workout and let me share some knowledge I’d accumulated over four years of CrossFitting and coaching with them.  I hoped it would help me heal some of the wounds in my personal life as well…

The box has not healed all those wounds but it has put bandages on them and salve and restored my belief in people when I needed it. Has everything gone smoothly?  Nope.  Never.  There have been constant challenges that have hurt my heart, my wallet, and my pride.  But I persist.  There have been  people that trained with us that I hoped to see grow into amazing CrossFitters and help them impact the lives of others in the ways I have been able to, but those people sometimes found the life of an athlete in the long term too much to bear for one reason or another.  

We have been through several phases.  We started in my father’s barn beside his printing press.  He prints shirts.  People began showing up and in retrospect I can’t believe people actually paid to train there! It was either cold, sweltering hot or we smelled like propane from the heaters.  I whittled out enough space to have ten feet of pull up bar and we could have four to six people with barbells.  This meant there was a lot of emphasis on understanding how to be safe with a barbell because we only have about 200 square feet of space!  

Then in August of 2013 Karen Thomson came on board and began helping coach.  She allowed for a 9:30 am session and for a 6:30pm session.  She probably does a better job than I do because she is truly a professional.  She went to school and has a degree to do this, she has amassed quite a bit of credentials in a short period of time too.  CrossFit Level One, National Strength and Conditioning Association, United States of America Weightlifting.  On top of that she is an experienced and fierce competitor that is a great example for all of our athletes, including me.  

During the summer of 2013 we poured concrete, and if you ever see my lower legs the scars are from chemical burn from the wet concrete.  Yes, it hurt.  We added on to the barn by putting down the concrete first and then building the roof. We also added a port-a-potty and it was a really big deal...we took pictures with it!  For months we didn’t have walls!  Just a concrete slab and a roof.  But everyone chose to persist.  Eventually we put up a door, insulation and drywall…still no metal on the outside though!!  Hilarious!  All that was done just in time for the snow but we all still smelled like propane from the heater.  But people kept coming.  

In the middle of January of 2014 we settled an agreement for a new space with much better facilities (2 real bathrooms) and an actual parking lot instead of the gravel drive that you might get stuck in if it snowed much while you were working out.  We rented space in the Racquet Club and in the spring we busted out the wall and put in a proper garage door.  Things have moved both fast and slow. But they have moved.  

We are working for bigger and better things in the future.  We continue to grow and help change lives.  To those of you that have been with us we love and appreciate you!  To those of you that have just begun and to those of you that will we are here working hard and are ready to help guide you through your CrossFitting journey.  The only thing that you need to do is persist without exception. You need to be relentless. 

Thanks everyone, 

Scott Landrum