"One must find the source within one's own Self, one must possess it" 

-Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse

This quote is from one of my favorite books.  It applies to our training in a very fundamental way.  Karen and I often speak to people that are giving us reasons why they can’t when they don’t really mean that.  They mean they won’t.  Either one of us can give people many reasons why “can’t” just doesn’t apply to being a CrossFitter.  But people usually don’t believe us.  It seems that they think we are joking when we are absolutely serious.    

This is a frustrating thing.  Very frustrating.  I understand that when people look at our workout(s) they think they are not capable of this thing or that thing, if they even understand what they are looking at in the first place.  This is where this quote comes into play.  You must be motivated from within.  You must not doubt your effort.  

When people see CrossFit on ESPN it is more akin to an extreme sport than a workout.  These are the most outrageous athletes we have performing the most diverse range of skills and challenges that the programmers can devise.  To be fit enough to walk out your door and have little or no limitations does not require that you can walk on your hands for the length of a football field.  Are you fitter than those who do not possess that ability, most would argue that you are.  But the inability to do so does not devalue you as an athlete or your efforts.  

At CrossFit Incognito we practice the art of teaching.  Through education, experience and experimentation we are able to place athletes in a position to succeed and develop skills that do lead to competence in movement and ever higher levels of fitness.  We do these things at every session and in very purposeful ways.  What you cannot get from us is the source within yourself that lets you “possess” the determination that leads to fulfillment.  

I will not tell you that you will ever be satisfied with where you are as a CrossFitter.  I don’t think there is such a thing.  To be a part of the Incognito Army is to be forever hungry for the next accomplishment because there is no ceiling.  There is no end.  There is simply the knowledge and inner source of confidence that you possess that tells you to “push” in an unrelenting stream of effort to do things that previously seemed almost unattainable.  

-          Scott M. Landrum