This Is Crossfit Incognito

Something that I found very interesting happened last week.  

Saturday morning I put a workout on the board. A workout that was, no doubt , going to be very challenging for everyone…and no one flinched. They simply turned around and started loading barbells.

I wouldn’t make mention of this except that it was odd to have a complete lack of conversation. Usually people are talking about how hard and terrible the workout is going to be but there was just nothing. I am sure people had all sorts of things in their minds but I didn’t hear anything verbalized. Just focus.  

The workout was 60 Clean and Jerks for time, 135 pound barbell for men and 95 pound barbell for women. This may not mean much to someone reading this that isn’t a CrossFitter but I will give a short explanation.  

A clean is essentially using the power of your legs and back to move a barbell from resting on the floor to resting across your shoulder. That movement is complete when the athlete is standing fully, ankles, knees, hips and shoulders in line, with the barbell resting on the front of your shoulders. The jerk is essentially then taking the barbell from your shoulder to over your head, where you must then have all joints in a straight vertical line with your elbows locked out and the barbell in control. This is a VERY simple explanation of a very complex set of movement patterns but hopefully that gives you an idea of what is going on in this workout if you are unfamiliar.  

If a man completed this workout as prescribed, using 135 pounds, that means he lifted from the ground to extended over his head a total of 8,100 pounds. A woman, using 95 pounds, lifted 5700 pounds. They all did so as fast as they possibly could manage.  

We ran a few heats so that everyone would have plenty of space and people to cheer them on. The end of the final heat was special. We had two men that were working to finish and they were pretty much neck and neck as far as reps were concerned. Everyone gathered in front of them like a wall. They cheered and urged them on. It was loud and supportive and heartfelt. The determination of every single athlete was inspiring to me. When everyone was done you could see how many people were proud of what they’d just done. Smiles all around. They all believed in themselves and in one another.  

If anyone wants to know what it is like in our gym this was the perfect example. This is for everyone and this is CrossFit Incognito.  


*To the Incognito Army, share this with one of your friends that has been considering checking us out because that was a great example of who we are as a team.  Thanks,  Scott M. Landrum