The first of my Crossfit Open stories.

Everyone is nervous about the Open.  Everyone, even the people who have gone to competitions before and done well.  The people you see all over the interweb and Instagram and Facebook and in magazines…all of them are nervous before Open WODs.  You aren’t any different than anyone else.  So in at least one way you are just like Rich Froning and Camille Leblance-Bazinet!!


I have written about my experiences in the past and I may again leading up to this year’s Open but I thought I might write about others to start out with, since this isn’t about me it’s about us.  


The first year of the Crossfit Open, I spent most of my Saturday morning’s at Crossfit Reynoldsburg.  The owners, Dan and Heather Horn are very nice people that started their box out of their garage.  I have had a soft spot in my heart for their gym ever since and have continued to be friendly  with them and their athletes ever since.  I recommend anyone I can to them and always will.  They are very organized and have a great atmosphere.  


The box I trained in during that Spring wasn’t really focused on the Open and I wanted to be somewhere that someone was really hosting workouts.  I had some connection to Crossfit Reynoldsburg through an acquaintance and made contact.  CFR was quite small at the time, probably about the same size Crossfit Incognito is now.  Most people involved that year were competing for the first time.  Many were members that are still with the Horn’s to this day.  The positive spirit that was on display was everything I had always hoped Crossfit would be.  


The first workout that year, referred to as 11.1, was to complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of 30 Double Unders and Fifteen Power Snatches (75 pounds for men and 55 pounds for women) .  I was hearing a lot of people talk about how they had never been able to do a double under and they didn’t know how many snatches they could complete at the prescribed weight…if any!  People nervously practiced their double under attempts and worked on their snatches.  


As the heats went by I watched as middle aged parents of college kids, young mothers, and some twenty something singles went after the workout.  Everyone made it through a round if I remember correctly. There were several people doing double unders one at a time.  Were they pretty?  No, but they got them done.  The snatches were not what we would call pretty and lots of Crossfit snobs or naysayers would lambast all of their form .  But that is not what the Open is about.  


The Open is a chance for you to put all the things you have learned about Crossfit and about yourself to use.  It is time to play the game.  Working out is great, but the Open helps give you purpose.  This is our time to celebrate as a community of fitness fanatics, as a box and as an individual.  You will inspire others and be inspired by others, it always happens because people rise to the occasion.  So get signed up and get ready to be a catalyst. 


Scott M. Landrum
Crossfit Incognito