An “Open” Letter

The Open is past us now but I didn’t want to let too much time pass before saying a few parting words.  The Open is for measuring yourself.  Sometimes you actually exceed your expectations and sometimes you fail.  I think most people that are involved would tell you that in some, if not most ways, they exceeded their expectations and will be nervously looking forward to it again.  Most people use the event like feeling of the open to push themselves just that little bit harder than normal and their friends are cheering them on even more fervently than usual. 

The nature of this beast is to return yourself to the way things felt before you became an adult.  Before you had all these responsibilities and your hopes and dreams were wrapped around how awesome the feeling of a night game under the lights in the fall is.  How loud the crowds of people around you were in the gym as you were about to play that important game of volleyball or basketball.  How you felt on the mound, at bat or in the field right before that deciding out…or hit. It taps into the athlete, the kid, the dreamer in all of us. 

There are a few breathless moments before you hear your coach yell three, two one, go!!!!  In those few moments you are alive in a way many have forgotten.  You become a competitor again.  For some this feeling was never far from their thoughts.  For some it was a distant but fond memory.  For some it was a visceral feeling that slipped into the recesses of their hearts and minds.

Every week was an opportunity to watch how people have grown. How our athletes have become empowered.  We are honored to be part of that path for you.  You inspired us every week with your efforts and your defeats.  The hardest thing to face is failure and when you endure it but decide to steadfastly continue to work and strive to be better, you inspire others.  The Open is not about your score, it is about being powerful within yourself and showing others what can be achieved through determination…the relentless pursuit to be better. 

Long ago I wrote about how I CrossFit.  I do it not with my mind or my body.  I do it with my heart and it is sometimes overwhelming to see the growing number of people around us that are starting to do the same. 

See you at the gym.

Scott M. Landrum